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narrator, storyteller; raconteur, one who is skilled in the art of storytelling



(n.) = teller ; narrator.
Ex: For storytelling and reading aloud are performance arts: They involve a script (even when the words are improvised on the spot), an interpreter (the teller or reader), and an audience, and as in all performances, the audience plays a part in molding the finished work.
Ex: Users of the Web database will be able to search through this collection of American slave narratives by first and last name of narrator, county and state of servitude, year of birth, and name of master = Los usuarios de la base de datos web podrán hacer búsquedas en esta colección de relatos de esclavos americanos por nombre y apellido del narrador, país y condición de servidumbre, año de nacimiento y nombre del amo.
* narrador de cuentos = storyteller [story-teller] ; story teller.

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