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sail; cruise; surf



to navigate

(v.) = sail ; float ; cruise ; burrow through.
Ex: In 1793, Hurley Barnes and his family sailed down the Lewark River in a small boat.
Ex: And there is more to be gained from an imaginary nineteenth-century boy floating down the Mississippi on a raft with a fleeing black slave than a good deal of everyday, 'direct' experience can give.
Ex: The system also has an add-on, which allows users with low vision to cruise the Internet using a low vision interface.
Ex: This article explains how to use gophers to burrow through the Internet.
* aficcionado a navegar = boater.
* en buenas condiciones para navegar = seaworthy.
* navegar en barca = boat.
* navegar en barco = boat.
* navegar en solitario = sail + solo.
* navegar las aguas = navigate + the waters.
* navegar las olas = navigate + the waters.
* navegar por = navigate (through).
* navegar por el mundo = sail + the seven seas ; roam + the seven seas.
* navegar por Internet = surf + the Internet.
* navegar por la red = surf + the net ; surf + the Web.
* navegar por la red en busca de información = surf for + information.
* navegar por la web = surf + the Web.
* navegar siguiendo la costa = coast.
* navegar sobre la cresta de las olas = ride + the wave(s).
* navegar (todos) en el mismo barco = be (all) in the same boat.

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