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necessitate, need, require; want; lack; take

you need

(v.) = cry for ; demand ; involve ; necessitate ; need to ; require ; take ; stand in + need of ; use up.
Ex: However, this work still cries for expansion, and it must also become more systematic.
Ex: The other part of the picture reveals title indexes to be only crude subject indexes, which for effective use demand imagination and searching skills on the part of the user.
Ex: Generating author indexes or catalogues involves creating headings from author's names, that is the names of persons or organisations.
Ex: Although this is generally successful, this approach does necessitate the consultation of two chapters.
Ex: Equally, various trade directories and other lists need to list and organise names in a form that will enable a searcher to find information about an organisation or person.
Ex: The condition approach should require less enumeration of rules for different types of materials, and therefore should require fewer rules.
Ex: A common standard serial interface is the RS232C which takes a 24-pin plug and is commonly used to connect many peripherals including printers and modems.
Ex: 'At no time in history', according to Geoffrey Langley, 'did people of all types and classes stand more in need of information'.
Ex: Plug-in programs have grown widely, they add functionality to a WWW browser but also use up drive storage space or conflict with other types of programs.
* a medida que se necesite = on demand ; on request ; as required ; as needed.
* cuando lo necesite = at + Posesivo + time of need.
* cuando más se necesita = in + Posesivo + hour of need.
* cuando se necesite = when needed.
* justo lo que se necesita = just the ticket ; that's the ticket!.
* necesitar Algo desesperadamente = be in dire need (of) ; be in desperate need of.
* necesitar Algo urgentemente = be in dire need (of) ; be in desperate need of.
* necesitar atención = beg + attention ; warrant + attention.
* necesitar esfuerzo = take + effort.
* necesitar explicación = be unaccounted for.
* necesitar gafas para leer = need + reading glasses.
* necesitar imaginación = take + imagination.
* necesitar práctica = take + practice.
* necesitar reparación = be in need of repair.
* necesitarse = it + take.
* necesitarse desesperadamente = be desperately needed.
* necesitarse imperiosamente = be badly needed.
* necesitar ser un genio = call for + nothing less than genius.
* necesitarse tener en cuenta = need + consideration.
* necesitarse urgentemente = be badly needed.
* necesitar tomar cierto tipo de decisiones = require + judgement ; require + judgement ; require + an exercise of + judgement.
* necesitar urgentemente = cry out for ; sorely + need.
* no necesitar = have + no use for.
* no necesitar en absoluto = need + Nombre + like a hole in the head.
* no necesitar mantenimiento = maintenance-free.
* que necesita bastante dedicación = time-consuming [time consuming].
* que necesita bastante dedicación de personal = staff-intensive [staff intensive].
* que necesita bastante mano de obra = labour-intensive [labour intensive].
* que necesita la información = information-dependent.
* que se necesita urgentemente = sorely needed.
* según se necesite = on demand ; on request ; at need ; as required ; pro re nata ; as needed.
* se necesita práctica = it takes practice.
* ser justo lo que se necesita = be just the thing ; be just the ticket ; be just the job ; be just perfect ; tick + all the boxes.
* ser justo lo que Uno necesita = be (right) up + Posesivo + alley.
* si se necesita = if need be.
* tener lo que se necesita = have + what it takes.
* tener todo lo que se necesita para = have + (all) the makings of.

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