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disastrous; poisonous; unlucky

(adj.) = dire ; nefarious ; heinous ; dastardly ; loathsome ; baneful.
Ex: Throughout the process of development, debate and enactment of the Digital Millennium Act in the USA, many dire forebodings were envisaged for the library profession.
Ex: The Internet is in the midst of a new wave of global resistance to its nefarious effects.
Ex: There are several different ways to make a stink bomb, all of which involving the use of chemicals which react in a way to create a particularly heinous odor.
Ex: A dastardly livery driver raped a 30-year-old woman passenger on Jan. 31, cops said.
Ex: It is loathsome and grotesquely hypocritical that pro-lifers oppose abortion, but are unconcerned about the mistreatment of animals used in the food industry.
Ex: They waited with baneful patience, ready to take hold of him the moment he relaxed his vigilance.
* consecuencia nefasta = disastrous effect.
* efecto nefasto = deleterious effect.

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