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clean; clear-cut; net, after expenses, after deductions
net income, income remaining after taxes and other payments are deducted
grandchild; grandson

net grandson


(adj.) = net.
Ex: The impasse facing many SLIS is that they have always been net importers of service teaching in the past and have very little 'currency' available to pay for imported expertise.
* beneficio neto = net trading profit ; net profit ; net benefit ; net gain.
* ingresos netos = net revenues.
* pérdida neta = net loss.
* ventas netas = net sales.
(n.) = grandson ; grandchild [grandchildren, pl.] ; grandkid.
Ex: A writer of children's books reflects on how observing the way in which her grandson played during a stay reminded her of how she approached learning by observation and experience and how this was the way in which she learned how to write children's books.
Ex: If we can regard the card catalog as a tool that has been terrific and one about which our grandchildren going to the Smithsonian Institution will say, 'That's what my grandmother used in the olden days,' then we're on our way to letting it die with dignity = Si podemos considerar el catálogo de fichas como una herramienta que ha sido fabulosa y de la que nuestros nietos cuando vayan a la Institución Smithsoniana digan, "Esto es lo que mi abuela usaba antiguamente", entonces estamos empezando a dejarlo morir con dignidad.
Ex: She went to the dollar store and bought a whole bunch of stickers and junk (hair bobbles etc) to send to her grandkids.
* sobrino nieto = great nephew.

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