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normal, ordinary, natural, regular; proof
accepted, agreed



(adj.) = average ; commonplace ; common ; normal ; ordinary ; run-of-the-mill ; standard ; usual ; middle-of-the-range ; unsophisticated ; line + Profesión ; received ; regular ; commonly seen ; indistinctive.
Ex: The average family does have very real information needs, even though these may not be immediately recognized as such.
Ex: Microfilm and microfiche formats are now commonplace in most libraries.
Ex: When the cataloguer turns to the description of a piece of music a common problem will be the absence of a title page to be used as the chief source of information.
Ex: It is normal to make added entries in respect of important editors.
Ex: Control is exercised over which terms are used, but otherwise the terms are ordinary words.
Ex: Guides are almost always worth thinking of as the first type of bibliography to search when it is a quick check of run-of-the-mill bibliographical facts which is required.
Ex: Photographs are normally kept in drawers of standard filing cabinets, with folders or pockets, or both.
Ex: It had three novel features: relative location, instead of the more usual fixed location.
Ex: In effect, the book started its life rather more as a light entertainment middle-of-the-range hardback autobiography but popular acclaim turned it into a huge mass-market paperback success.
Ex: Here is a clear indication of the extent, during the eighteenth century, to which the unsophisticated reader lagged behind his middle class compatriots = Aquí tenemos una clara indicación del grado en el que, durante el siglo dieciocho, el lector normal iba por detrás de sus compatriotas de clase media.
Ex: In larger libraries, line librarians are also likely to be MLS graduates.
Ex: It was interesting, in view of the received opinion that 'We don't have many problems round here'.
Ex: The article 'Filtering software: regular or decaf?' explains that most vendors define filtering software as that which blocks, filters, or monitors Internet use.
Ex: This typology divides humor comics into commonly seen subject areas, such as teen, kiddie, horror, military, and so on = Esta tipología divide los comics de humor en áreas temáticas conocidas como adolescentes, infantil, terror, militar, etc.
Ex: This research suggests that people are threatened by categorizations that portray them as too distinctive or too indistinctive.
* agua normal = still water.
* a su precio normal = at full price.
* bajo condiciones normales = under normal conditions.
* café normal = caffeinated coffee.
* chica normal, una = girl-next-door, the.
* chico normal, un = boy-next-door, the.
* ciudadano normal = ordinary citizen ; member of the public ; everyday citizen.
* como algo normal = as a matter of course.
* como es normal = as always.
* convertirse en algo normal = become + standard practice.
* convertirse en + Nombre + normal = become + standard + Nombre.
* de extensión normal = standard-length.
* dejar que las cosas sigan su curso normal = let + nature take its course ; allow + nature to take its course ; everything happens in its own time ; nothing happens before its time ; everything in (its own) good time ; nature will take its course ; to everything there is a season ; everything has its appointed time ; everything in (its) due time ; time will take its course ; let matters take their course ; you can't rush time.
* de la manera normal = in the normal manner.
* de tamaño normal = full-sized ; ordinary sized.
* día normal = ordinary day.
* en circunstancias normales = under normal circumstances ; in the normal run of things ; in the normal run of events ; in the normal course of events.
* en condiciones normales = under normal conditions.
* en el curso normal de = in the mainstream of.
* en el curso normal de las cosas = in the normal run of things ; in the normal run of events ; in the normal course of events.
* en el curso normal de los acontecimientos = in the normal run of events ; in the normal run of things ; in the normal course of events.
* en el transcurso normal de los acontecimientos = in the normal course of events ; in the normal run of events ; in the normal run of things.
* en el transcurso normal de + Posesivo + vida(s) = in the normal course of + Posesivo + life/lives.
* en el uso normal = in everyday use.
* en situaciones normales = under normal circumstances.
* fuera del horario normal = out of hours ; at odd times.
* fuera de lo normal = abnormally + Adjetivo ; with a difference ; unordinary ; out of the ordinary.
* gente normal = ordinary men and women ; straight people.
* gente normal, la = ordinary people ; hoi polloi, the.
* lejía normal = household bleach.
* lenguaje normal = plain language.
* letra normal = light type ; light face type.
* lo normal = ordinariness.
* lo normal + ser + que = there + be + a tendency (to/for).
* material de tamaño mayor de lo normal = outsize material.
* normal, lo = standard practice, the ; the normal run of.
* normal y corriente = unremarkable.
* no + ser + normal en + Pronombre = it + be not like + Pronombre + to.
* pagar la hora a la mitad más de lo normal = get + time-and-a-half.
* parto normal = vaginal delivery.
* permanecer normal = remain + normal.
* persona normales = ordinary person.
* poco normal = unnatural ; unordinary ; out of the ordinary.
* por debajo de lo normal = below-normal.
* por debajo del peso normal = underweight.
* precio normal = full price.
* prensa normal, la = broadsheet press, the.
* sábana normal = flat sheet.
* seguir con + Posesivo + vida normal = get on with + Posesivo + life.
* seguir su curso normal = run + its course ; play + itself out.
* sentirse normal = feel up to + par ; be up to par ; feel like + Reflexivo + again.
* ser algo normal = be a fact of life ; become + a common feature ; be a part of life ; be a matter of course.
* ser lo normal = be the order of the day.
* ser normal = be the case (with).
* trabajador normal = line worker.
* trabajar a horas fuera de lo normal = work + unsocial hours.
* un día normal = on a typical day.
* uso normal = normal usage.
* vida normal = ordinary life.
* volver a la vida normal = get (back) into + the swings of things.

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