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as a rule, normally, usually

ordinarily, normally, commonly


= as a rule ; invariably ; normally ; typically ; usually ; customarily ; in the normal run of things ; in the normal run of events ; in the normal course of events.
Ex: As a rule, the smaller the library the greater the variety of tasks which are allotted to assistants.
Ex: New editions of DC are invariably greeted with cries of horror by libraries faced with this problem.
Ex: It is normally taken to indicate that the document has been revised, if a work has progressed to a second or subsequent edition.
Ex: Typically some parts of records can be searched and their elements used as search keys.
Ex: An abridgement is usually taken to be a condensation that necessarily omits a number of secondary points.
Ex: We have simply been behaving as monopolies customarily do -- shelving avoidable innovations, ducking investment risk wherever possible and keeping a beady eye on our own convenience rather than the users.
Ex: In the normal run of things, they would be attacked by a monster from the deep or aliens from space, but here they just have to deal with polar bears.
Ex: In the normal run of events a well-organised active minority of quite a small size can play a decisive role in the determination of a political outcome.
Ex: In the normal course of events, the zygote and sporophyte will have a full double set of chromosomes again.
* funcionar normalmente = be up to speed.

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