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normative, standard, normal


(n.) = constitution ; provision ; regulation ; rules and regulations ; rules and conditions ; ruling ; regulatory measures ; policy ; code.
Nota: Conjunto de reglas para la conversión de información de una lengua a otra.
Ex: Enter the constitution, charter, or other fundamental law of a jurisdiction under the heading for that jurisdiction.
Ex: Chapter 9 considered the provisions for selecting headings for added entries.
Ex: If administrative regulations, rules, etc., are from jurisdictions in which such regulations, etc., are promulgated by government agencies or agents, enter them under the heading for the agency or agent.
Ex: Examples would include deliberately contriving an authoritarian atmosphere, either institutional, by means of rules and regulations, or personal, by means of academic status, for instance.
Ex: Rules and conditions concerning book lending are the most important items in a library's statute book, binding the reader by specific obligations in the process of borrowing books.
Ex: The suggested ruling is that groups 1, 2 and 3 are entered under Place, except for individual species in biology.
Ex: Methyl bromide has been phased-out in industrialized countries because of international regulatory measures designed to reduce substances that potentially deplete the stratospheric ozone layer.
Ex: This policy of reflecting the subject labels and relationships present in the literature of a subject is known as being consistent with literary warrant.
Ex: Codes are sets of rules which indicate how different types of documents are best catalogued, if sensible and consistent headings are to be established in author catalogues and indexes.
* exceso de normativa = over-regulation.
* hacer cumplir las normativas = enforce + the rules and regulations.
* normativa verde = green policy.
(adj.) = regulatory ; normative ; standards-making ; standard(s) setting.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: The regulatory hurdles of local education planning committees, national resource allocation systems and local and national validating schemes hamper swift decision taking.
Ex: Future bibliometric studies have to address this issue and reach the stage of normative principles.
Ex: OSI is a de jure standard, formally approved by an official standards-making body and often having the status of a law or treaty.
Ex: The internationalization of bibliographic control may reduce the importance of IFLA as a standard setting body.
* aplicar una normativa = apply + regulations.
* establecer normativa = govern.
* marco normativo = regulations framework ; legal framework ; regulatory framework.
* normativa de préstamo = loan policy.
* normativa de reclamaciones = claim policy.
* normativa en caso de incendio = fire regulations.
* normativa general = framework regulation.
* normativas = norms and regulations.
* poner en práctica una normativa = carry out + a policy.
* relativo a la normativa = constitutional.

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