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note; footnote; mark; notice; record; grade, class; remark
notice; remark; spot; taste


(n.) = grade report.
Ex: Grade reports are normally generated and mailed out a few weeks after the end of a term. (n.) = note ; notice ; notification ; N.B. (latín - nota bene) ; cover note ; written note ; chit ; chitty.
Ex: An annotation is a note added to the title and/or other bibliographic information concerning a document, by way of comment or explanation.
Ex: Notices may be useful in this context for the user who wishes to familiarise himself with the workings of the catalogue before approaching a terminal.
Ex: The search profile will only be modified periodically as the quality of the set of notifications output from the search drops to unacceptable levels.
Ex: (N.B. Neither this nor the LC service give any assistance in the making of a subject index for a classified catalogue).
Ex: The video collection of operas and ballets is accessible by language of text, author of libretto/lyrics, author and language of cover notes as well as the more usual entry points.
Ex: Sometimes it is wise for the rater to base judgment on written notes or a diary kept over a period of time.
Ex: The fact that you can walk up to any of the bars and order the drink or food at will without having to sign a chit or pull out your wallet is a big plus.
Ex: When this happened they gave him a chitty to get to Manchester on the train, a second-hand suit no money and no thank you.
* acabar con una nota de optimismo = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* área de notas = note area.
* bloc de notas = notebook.
* bloque funcional de notas = notes block.
* campo de notas = notes field.
* como nota al margen = on a sidenote ; as an aside.
* comparar notas = compare + notes.
* con notas a pie de página = footnoted.
* cuaderno de notas = note book.
* enviar una nota a Alguien = drop + Nombre + a note.
* fijar una nota en un sitio público = post.
* hacer nota mental = take + mental note ; make + a mental note.
* hacer una nota mental = make + note + in + Posesivo + mind.
* libro de notas = mark book.
* nota aclaratoria = cover note.
* nota al final = endnote.
* nota al final del texto = endnote.
* nota al margen = sidenote [side-note].
* nota amorosa = billet-doux.
* nota analítica = analytical note.
* nota a pie de página = footnote.
* nota de abono = debit note.
* nota de advertencia = warning label.
* nota de agradecimiento = note of thanks ; thank-you note.
* nota de alcance = scope note (SN).
* nota de cargo = credit note.
* nota de edición = edition note.
* nota de pago = promissory note.
* nota de prensa = press release ; press statement.
* nota de rescate = ransom note.
* nota de suicida = suicide note.
* nota de ubicación y existencias = holdings note.
* nota enmarcada en un recuadro = sidebar.
* nota explicativa = cover note.
* nota informativa = information note ; information notice.
* nota introductoria = background note.
* nota marginal = marginal note.
* nota mental = mental note.
* nota musical = note.
* nota necrológica = obituary.
* nota oficial = official notification.
* nota posterior = postscript.
* notas de conferencias = lecture notes.
* notas de contenido = contents notes.
* notas de discurso = speaking notes.
* pantalla resumen de notas = note summary screen.
* pegar una nota en un sitio público = post.
* poner una nota en un sitio público = post.
* terminar con una nota de optimismo = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* toma de notas = note-taking.
* tomar nota = make + a note ; take + note.
* tomar nota de = note.
* tomar nota mental = take + mental note ; make + a mental note.
(n.) = grade ; mark.
Ex: The public library's sole reason for being is to help people get along in the world, to help school children get better grades, to help preachers write better sermons that will keep the congregation awake, to help newspapermen find facts.
Ex: The author assesses six Web sites giving marks out of ten for ease of use and navigation.
* bajarle la nota a Alguien = mark + Nombre + down.
* estudiante con buenas notas = high achiever.
* mejorar la nota = up + Posesivo + grade.
* nota del curso = course grade.
* nota media = grade point average (GPA).
* notas = grade report.
* perder nota = lose + marks.
* persona con la mejor nota = top scorer ; top scorer.
* sistema de notas = grading system.
* subir la nota = up + Posesivo + grade.
* subirle la nota a Alguien = mark + Nombre + up.
(n.) = notice ; perceive ; see ; spot ; watch ; note ; eye + catch.
Ex: Notice that records 2 and 4 do not appear on the directory.
Ex: Hypermedia offers unheard of opportunities to gain insight into the way young people perceive, process and use information.
Ex: Where the conference cannot be seen to have a name, then the work will normally be treated as a collection.
Ex: When all necessary amendments have been spotted, edit the draft abstract and make any improvements to the style that are possible.
Ex: Watch what occurs as the letters 'New' and a space are typed.
Ex: Collation is the term used for the physical check of books to note any imperfections such as missing or duplicated sections.
Ex: As Klaus's acute observations are unhampered by romantic ideals, his eye catches the plastic trash by the roadway as well as the colors of moss on the landing strip.
* ¡cómo se nota que no está el jefe! = while the cat's away, the mice will play.
* digno de notar = noteworthy.
* hacer notar = bring to + Posesivo + attention ; bring to + the attention ; mark ; note ; bring to + notice ; bring + attention to ; bring to + Posesivo + notice.
* hacer notar la presencia de = make + Posesivo + presence felt ; make + Posesivo + presence known.
* nadie notaría la diferencia = no one would be the wiser.
* no pude evitar notar que = couldn't help but notice (that).
* notarse = kick in ; become + noticeable.
* notarse a la legua = be written (on/all over) + (Posesivo + face/Pronombre).
* notarse en la cara = be written (on/all over) + (Posesivo + face/Pronombre).
* nótese el error = sic.
* sin que se note la diferencia = seamlessly.
(n.) = speaking text.
Nota: Texto que acompaña a una presentación visual o de una ponencia la versión que se presenta oralmente al público.
Ex: The presentations may be in the form of PowerPoint presentations and/or papers, however Power Point presentations, without accompanying speaking texts, will be not accepted as papers.
(n.) = school achievement.
Ex: This paper reviews research on youth motivation for visiting amusement arcades and on the relationship among the school achievement, socioeconomic status, and self-esteem of fourth graders.

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