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novelty, innovation; something new


(n.) = roundup [round-up] ; daily news alerts ; news alerts ; roundup of news ; roundup of news.
Ex: Nobody can depend exclusively on library publications reviews to identify new titles, though Publishers Weekly's computer book roundups do help. Ex: Some newspapers provide subscribers to the paper version with daily news alerts via email. Ex: The system was used for news alerts, research tracking, and newsletter production. Ex: In addition to the usual roundup of news from the past month, this issue reflects on who should control access to publicly-funded research. Ex: In addition to the usual roundup of news from the past month, it takes a close look at the Congressional approval of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) public access plan. (n.) = innovation ; recency ; up-to-dateness ; novelty ; hype, the ; newness ; recentness ; new release ; advance.
Ex: Accounting for his departures from Panizzi's rules, Jewett explained that some of them were useful 'innovations' and others represented 'modifications adapted to the peculiar character of the system now proposed'.
Ex: The four were: accuracy, content (the breadth or scope), recency (up-to-dateness) and frequency of presentation.
Ex: Up-to-dateness is particularly vital since recent and current information is in heaviest usage.
Ex: IT can motivate children, provide a 'novelty' factor to enliven routine work and serve as a bridge between the classroom and the library.
Ex: However, given the hype about the networking of public libraries in the US, it is perhaps surprising to note that only 21% have some form of connection to the Internet.
Ex: Newness is an intrinsic part of change.
Ex: Such droops cannot be explained as the result of a relatively high scattering, due to the recentness of the topic.
Ex: Attempts to order items can be problematical due to many catalogues no keeping up with deletions and new releases.
Ex: I think that the most important advance that we can look forward to is a great increase in the amount of authority data in MARC form.
* atractivo de la novedad = novelty appeal ; novelty value.
* boletín de novedades = current-awareness publication ; current awareness bulletin.
* dejar de ser novedad = novelty + wear off.
* de última novedad = streamlined.
* información de novedades = press release.
* la novedad + pasarse = novelty + wear off.
* novedad comercial = industry update.
* novedades = roundup [round-up] ; daily news alerts ; news alerts ; roundup of news ; roundup of news.
* novedad pasajera = sizzle.
* resumen de novedades = roundup [round-up] ; roundup of news ; roundup of news.
* ser la novedad = be on the scene.
* ser una novedad en el contexto del que se está hablando = be a newcomer to the scene.
* servicio de novedades = alerting device ; alerting service ; news alerts.
* servicio de novedades a través del correo electrónico = e-mail alert.
* sistema de alerta de novedades tecnológicas = technology watch.
* tienda de novedades = novelty shop.
* últimas novedades de = fresh out from.
* valor de la novedad = novelty value.

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