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bride; fiancee; sweetie
fiance; groom, bridegroom; sweetheart

bride, bridegroom


(n.) = bride ; girlfriend ; fiancée ; sweetheart.
Ex: Lester J. V. Halvorsen, a Swedish immigrant who made a fortune in lumber, built the mansion for his Italian bride.
Ex: The author looks at problems facing US publishers Little Brown over several of their new offerings, including a book by O. J. Simpson's girlfriend Paula Barberi.
Ex: Spouses, fiancés/fiancées, and adopted children of U.S. citizens receive priority in this new immigration system.
Ex: Be it your sweetheart/a family member/a friend, send a heart-to-heart message and let them know how much they mean to you.
* ajuar de novia = wedding trousseau ; bridal trousseau ; trousseau [trousseaus/trousseaux -pl.] ; bottom drawer ; hope chest.
* antigua novia = ex-girlfriend.
* dejar a la novia = dump + Posesivo + girlfriend.
* de novias = bridal.
* el novio y la novia = the bride and groom.
* para novias = bridal.
* ramo de novia = bridal bouquet.
* traje de novia = wedding dress ; bridal gown.
* velo de novia = bridal veil ; wedding veil.
* vestido de novia = wedding dress ; wedding gown ; bridal gown ; bridal robe.

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