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objection, protest; replication

objection, protest objection

(n.) = demurrer ; objection ; remonstration ; cavil.
Ex: He conceded that Feaver's demurrers were worth considering.
Ex: My objection to the use of title-unit entries is not so much that they will disperse the works of an author, because this could be brought together by means of an author added entry.
Ex: Interestingly enough, the immediate effect of Bodley's remonstrations was the inclusion in the inventory lists of additional separate entries for books bound with other books.
Ex: But, however frivolous his cavils, the principles for which he contends are of the most pernicious nature and tendency.
* hacer objeciones contra = urge against.
* hacer una objeción = raise + an objection.
* objeción de conciencia = conscientious objection.
* objeción de consciencia = conscientious objection.
* objeción menor = quibble.
* poner objeciones = object.
* poner objeciones a = object to.

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