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objective, impartial; realistic; factual
target, objective, aim, goal; lens

objective, lems



(n.) = end ; focus ; goal ; intent ; object ; purpose ; target ; drift ; objective ; charge ; benchmark ; workpackage ; brief ; agenda ; mandate ; design.
Ex: In our fascination with the versatility of certain tools, we should not forget the ends to which they are to be applied.
Ex: Our focus in this text is on the first stage in the following diagram.
Ex: Karen set the theme in her keynote address that booksellers, publishers and librarians often have different goals and perceptions.
Ex: The quality of indexing is influenced by the intellectual level and intent of document content in the subject area.
Ex: The object of classification is to group related subjects.
Ex: Chapters 7 and 8 introduced the problems associated with author cataloguing and have surveyed the purpose of cataloguing codes.
Ex: Paid employees can have targets set for them and their prospects may well depend upon their meeting these targets.
Ex: The main drift of the proceedings concerned national libraries -- their role, functions and financing.
Ex: An objective is an individual act intended to be carried out, and a number o which are required to be carried out in order to reach a goal.
Ex: She was offered an opportunity to chair a task force within the library with the charge to investigate a new integrated system.
Ex: Existing wireline networks, with their ubiquity, seamless operations, and ease of use, have provided clear benchmarks for satisfying customers' basic personal communications needs.
Ex: One of the workpackages of the project is the preparation of software for UKMARC to UNIMARC conversion.
Ex: This article describes the experiences of a library training officer whose brief was to build library services from the ground up.
Ex: Robert Kent's sole agenda is to attack Cuba and vilify the Cuban library community while supporting the US government's interventionist destabilization policies.
Ex: The original mandate was very clear: to consider for inclusion all proposals made.
Ex: Now this terrible message was good news to Florus; and because his design was to have a war kindled, he gave the ambassadors no answer at all.
* aclarar un objetivo = clarify + objective.
* alcanzar un objetivo = attain + Posesivo + goal.
* ayudar a alcanzar + Posesivo + objetivo = further + Posesivo + goal.
* caer fuera del objetivo de = fall outside + the scope of.
* caso objetivo = objective case.
* con el objetivo de = with the purpose of ; with a brief to ; with the aim of ; with a focus on ; with an aim to.
* con objetivos específicos = goal-oriented.
* conseguir un objetivo = accomplish + objective ; achieve + an objective ; attain + Posesivo + goal.
* contribuir a alcanzar + Posesivo + objetivo = further + Posesivo + goal.
* con un objetivo claro = focused [focussed].
* con unos objetivos muy claros = purpose-driven ; purpose-oriented.
* cubrir un objetivo = meet + objective ; meet + purpose.
* cumplir + Posesivo + objetivo = fulfil + Posesivo + goal.
* cumplir un objetivo = fulfil + Posesivo + goal ; meet + objective ; meet + purpose ; satisfy + purpose ; serve + function ; serve + purpose ; meet + target ; fulfil + an objective.
* cuyo objetivo es = intended to.
* declaración de objetivos = statement of objectives ; purpose statement ; mission statement ; vision statement.
* definición de objetivos = goal setting.
* elaborar objetivos = draw up + objectives.
* enfocado hacia uno objetivo concreto = focused [focussed].
* establecimiento de objetivos = objective setting.
* fijación de objetivos = objective setting ; direction-setting ; goal setting.
* fijar un objetivo = set + a goal.
* gestión por objetivos = management by objectives (MBO).
* marcar una objetivo = set + a goal.
* no cumplir un objetivo = fall + short of goal.
* no tener otro objetivo que el de = have + no other purpose than.
* objetivo de aprendizaje = learning objective ; learning outcome.
* objetivo de comportamiento = behavioural objective.
* objetivo de ventas = sales target.
* objetivo educativo = learning goal ; educational goal.
* objetivo en la vida = life goal ; goal in life.
* objetivo militar = military objective.
* objetivo profesional = career goal.
* objetivos = mission statement.
* objetivo y alcance = purpose and scope.
* perseguir los mismos objetivos = work + on the same lines.
* perseguir un objetivo = pursue + objective ; pursue + goal.
* plantearse un objetivo = adopt + a goal.
* ser el objetivo de Uno = be in business for.
* sin un objetivo claro = non-purposive ; unfocused [unfocussed].
* tener como objetivo = have + as + Posesivo + objective ; be in business for.
* trazar un objetivo = set + a goal.
(adj.) = unbiased [unbiassed] ; detached ; unemotional ; dispassionate ; objective ; unprejudiced.
Ex: Such criteria would be applied to book lists and the production, selection, and writing of unbiased material.
Ex: The attention good literature pays to life is both loving and detached.
Ex: He offers an admirably concise and unemotional analysis of the famous Milgram experiment.
Ex: Mystery and detective stories, love and romance fiction, adventure and western stories, recent novels widely publicized but of little literary distinction, popularizations of current affairs characterized by sensationalism and easy dogmatism rather than by dispassionate and qualified analysis -- these and similar books are widely circulated by the public library.
Ex: Some say that journalism is not objective; others that it cannot be objective; and still others that it should not be objective.
Ex: Nationalist backbencher Bonnici has called for an 'unprejudiced' debate on censorship, soon after the Justice Minister proclaimed himself against its total removal in the arts.
* evaluación objetiva = objective evaluation.

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