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observation, remark, comment; sighting; investigation; diagnosis



(n.) = observation ; observation ; remark ; observance.
Ex: There are a number of ways of finding out something one wants to know: observation, trial and error experiment; asking someone; looking it up for oneself.
Ex: I agree with the observation that in our catalog we had not brought together the 'American Scholar' and the 'Oration'.
Ex: My second point may be a slightly tangential, but I hope it is a concrete reaction to the general tenor of Mr. Lubetzky's remarks and the general subject posed.
Ex: As Sherlock Holmes reminded Dr Watson, 'You know my method; it is founded on the observance of trifles' = Como Sherlock Holmes recordaba al Doctor Watson: "Usted conoce mi método, se basa en la observación de las pequeñeces".
* confirmar una observación = bear out + a point.
* de observación = observational.
* hacer observaciones sobre = comment (on/upon).
* mantener en observación = hold under + observation ; keep + Nombre + under observation.
* metodología de observación = soft methodology.
* observación de aves y pájaros = birdwatching [bird-watching] ; birding.
* observación fortuita = chance observation.
* observación inicial = opening remark.
* observación militar = surveillance.
* período de observación = observation period.
* puesto de observación = lookout [look-out].
* satélite de observación = surveillance satellite.
* tener en observación = hold under + observation ; keep + Nombre + under observation.

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