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ocean, one of the large bodies of water covering the Earth (i.e. Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic Oceans)



(n.) = ocean.
Ex: This organisation pools information available in all countries that have an interest in the optimal use of global ocean resources.
* al otro lado del océano = across the pond.
* a orillas del océano = oceanfront.
* con vistas al océano = with an ocean view.
* fondo del océano = ocean bed ; ocean floor.
* frente al océano = oceanfront.
* habitación con vistas al océano = ocean view room.
* las profundidades del océano = the deep.
* Oceano Atlántico, el = Atlantic Ocean, the.
* Oceano Indico, el = Indian Ocean, the.
* Océano Pacífico, el = Pacific Ocean, the.
* océano tropical = tropical ocean.
* vista al océano = ocean view.

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