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occupation, act of forcefully taking possession of an area, seizure; conquest; profession, vocation, skilled occupation

occupation, work, employmen occupancy, occupation



(n.) = occupation ; calling ; tenure.
Nota: Período al frente de una organización.
Ex: Headings such as SALESMEN AND SALESMANSHIP and FIREMEN, since they are assigned to works covering the activities of both men and women in these occupations, are not specific.
Ex: This function may not seem of the highest professional calling.
Ex: During his tenure, OSU was recognized for the high quality Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) program it developed in serving both students and faculty.
(n.) = occupancy ; occupation.
Ex: The system provides real time monitoring of the occupancy of the library building.
Ex: During the German occupation, the Italian populace lived under the grip of fear as Allied bombardments pummeled towns.
* ocupación doble = double occupancy.
* ocupación en superficie = footprint.
* ocupación extranjera = foreign occupation.
* ocupación ilegal = squat ; squatting.
* ocupación individual = single occupancy.
* tasa de ocupación = bed occupancy rate ; occupancy rate ; room occupancy rate.
* tasa de ocupación hotelera = hotel occupancy rate.
* zona de ocupación = zone of occupation ; occupation zone.

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