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idea; witticism, bon mot



(n.) = hit list ; hitcount.
Ex: First, search for the desired title by entering a search key to obtain a 'hit list' on the screen. Ex: Notice the word 'HITCOUNT' in bold print which tells you the total number of titles within the listing. (n.) = witticism ; witty remark ; quip.
Ex: It uses humor rather than witticisms, and self-deprecation rather than deprecation of the professional field.
Ex: Youll never be short on a witty remark with a database of almost 180000 jokes.
Ex: His genius is sometimes most evident in his quips.
(n.) = match ; frequency of occurrence ; posting ; occurrence ; token.
Nota: Elemento constituyente de una clase o tipo de objetos.
Ex: If a search returns more than one match, you can select a particular record by entering the record number and pressing <Enter>.
Ex: In computer indexing this will involve statistical analysis of the relative frequency of occurrence of terms.
Ex: An entry in the inverted file consists of the term to be searched, the number of records containing the term (known as the number of postings), and the reference number of those records (known as the addresses).
Ex: Demands from clients will often throw up an occurrence of similar problems, revealing perhaps the operation of an injustice, the lack of an amenity in the neighbourhood, or simply bureaucratic inefficiency.
Ex: In this case the data is the number of types, not tokens.
* fichero de ocurrencias = postings file.
* ocurrencias = hit list ; hitcount.

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