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odium, hatred, enmity; odiousness
hate, detest, loathe, despise



(n.) = feud ; aversion ; loathing ; hatred ; hate.
Ex: In doing so, the library created a rift that prohibited dialogue and created something of a feud between the copyright owner and the library.
Ex: The central hypothesis is that an aversion to neologisms (especially newly coined words) impedes the introduction and acceptance of new concepts.
Ex: The article 'The hype and the hope: fear and loathing on the net' argues that the fears and mistrust of the Internet are based upon ignorance about new technology.
Ex: A culture of violence and hatred seems to have percolated through the corridors of the institutions of learning particularly schools.
Ex: Librarians often have to decide whether to provide free access to or to censor materials containing hate speech or that which advocates hate and violence.
* alimentar el odio = fuel + hatred.
* delito motivado por el odio = hate crime.
* incitar el odio = incite + hatred.
* lanzar una mirada de odio = glare at.
* la voz del odio = the voice of hate.
* lleno de odio = hateful.
* mirar con odio = look + daggers at ; glare at.
* odio a Uno mismo = self-hatred ; self-loathing ; self-hate.
* odio racial = racial hatred.
* promover el odio = fuel + hatred.
(v.) = hate ; loathe ; despise ; detest.
Ex: I would hate to see us add more responsibility at this time, when librarians are already reeling.
Ex: He sometimes loathed the books he recommended as much as the children they were inflicted upon loathed them.
Ex: By this later period pressmen in England were despised as mere 'horses', the 'great guzzlers of beer' who were rebuked by the young Benjamin Franklin for their mindless intemperance.
Ex: This resulted in Africans loving and aspiring to everything European and detesting and deeming inferior anything that is African.
* algunos lo aman, otros lo odian = love it or loathe it.
* odiar a muerte = hate + Posesivo + guts ; be at daggers drawn (with).
* odiarse a muerte = be at each other's throats.
* persona que desprecia u odia = despiser.

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