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offer, tender, bid; gift, present; supply
tender, offer formally, suggest, make a suggestion

Bid Supply



(n.) = bargain ; line ; offer ; provision ; supply ; offering ; tender ; line-up.
Ex: In general, the costs of packages vary considerably, but it is usually the case that you get what you pay for, although there are some notable bargains.
Ex: Now ISI has added to its compact disc line the Social Sciences Citation Index and new, improved search software.
Ex: She then said 'Thanks for the offer, but I've signed a contract and made a deposit on an apartment'.
Ex: Some school libraries are becoming involved in life-long learning but local government and public libraries must take responsibility for provisions for this.
Ex: The increasing demand for paper of all sorts, which the giant productivity of the Fourdrinier machine could easily meet, resulted in a parallel demand for rags which was soon outstripping the supply.
Ex: Currently SilverPlatter's major offering in this key topic area is 'Food Science and Technology Abstracts'.
Ex: Following the issue of a letter of intent to major bodybuilders, the tender was drawn up requiring tenderers to submit a breakdown of costs.
Ex: The title of the article is 'The information market: a line-up of competitors'.
* abierto a ofertas = ono [or nearest offer].
* artículo de oferta = teaser ; loss-leader.
* buena oferta = good deal.
* búsqueda de ofertas = bargain-hunting.
* caza de ofertas = bargain-hunting.
* cazador de ofertas = bargain-hunter.
* convocatoria de oferta de servicios = invitation to tender (ITT).
* gestión de la oferta de productos = range management.
* hacer una oferta = make + an offer.
* ir a la caza de ofertas = go + bargain-hunting.
* ir en búsqueda de ofertas = go + bargain-hunting.
* la mejor oferta = the best deal.
* ley de la oferta y la demanda = law of supply and demand.
* mejor oferta = best buy.
* mejor oferta, la = best value for money, the ; best value, the.
* no dudar en aceptar una oferta = bite + Posesivo + hand off ; snatch + an offer.
* oferta de compra de una compañía por otra = takeover bid.
* oferta de cursos = course offering.
* oferta de empleo = career opportunity ; job vacancy ; job opportunities ; job placement ; career option ; employment opportunity ; job offer.
* oferta de productos = product offering.
* oferta de prueba = trial offer.
* oferta de servicios = service provision ; service offer.
* oferta de trabajo = job advertisement ; job offer ; help wanted ad ; help wanted notice ; job opening.
* oferta especial = special offer.
* oferta laboral = job offer.
* ofertas = sales promotion ; sale(s).
* ofertas de trabajo = help-wanted advertising.
* oferta y demanda = supply and demand.
* proponer una oferta = propose + an offer.
* rechazar una oferta = decline + Posesivo + offer.
(v.) = offer ; carry.
Nota: Tercera persona carries, pasado y participio carried.
Ex: Thus some current awareness services can be purchased from external vendors, whilst others may be offered by a library or information unit to its particular group of users.
Ex: This article describes attempts by manufacturers, retailers and distributors of map software to persuade booksellers in the USA to carry their products.
* invitación a ofertar = invitation to tender (ITT).

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