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lost, no longer in the possession of, misplaced; irrecoverable; deserted, forsaken
forget, fail to remember, be unable to recall; omit, leave out; forbid; neglect; condone
blow over, be forgotten



= neglected ; rusty .
Ex: The work of the Belgian internationalist and documentalist, Paul Otlet (1868-1944) forms an important and neglected part of the history of information.
Ex: Adults who have chosen to interrupt their educational careers often face the problem of rusty academic skills.
* héroe olvidado = unsung hero.
* olvidado de Dios = God-forsaken.
* olvidado desde hace tiempo = long forgotten.
(v.) = forget.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado forgot, participio forgotten.
Ex: Although document arrangement has limitations, it is important not to forget its popularity.
* el primer desengaño amoroso nunca se olvida = the first cut is the deepest.
* fácil de olvidar = forgettable.
* no olvidar = bear in + mind ; be aware of.
* olvidar el pasa = let bygones be bygones.
* olvidar el pasado = forget + the past.
* olvidarse = lie + forgotten ; leave + Nombre + behind.
* olvidarse de = lose + sight of ; forego [forgo].
* olvidarse de Algo = be done with it ; put + Nombre + behind.
* olvidarse de las raíces de Uno = forget + Posesivo + roots.
* olvidarse del hecho de que = lose + sight of the fact that.
* olvidarse de mencionar = overlook.
* sin olvidar = not to mention.

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