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opine, express a view; hold a position; think that; assume that

claim, assert, to claim

to say

(v.) = feel ; take + the view ; opine ; offer + an opinion ; weigh in ; express + opinion (on) ; give + Posesivo + take ; think.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio thought.
Ex: Some feel that the non-expressive nature of the notation limits the scheme's usefulness in computerised data bases.
Ex: With two exceptions, respondents took the view that incremental change would be adequate as a response to the new phenomenon.
Ex: Such techniques, she opined, emphasize production over people.
Ex: The author offers the opinion that this trend goes against accepted wisdom in the industry.
Ex: If Division VIII is best positioned to weigh in on terminology, Division VIII should do so and the rest of us should follow that lead.
Ex: This is not an institution but a consultative body which considers and expresses an opinion on commission proposals for legislation.
Ex: Please, please get off his back -- I'm so tired of listening to you give your take on what the President has said.
Ex: Whether the juxtaposition of language with literature is as weighty an advantage as has on occasion been claimed is, I think, debatable.
* dar la oportunidad de opinar = give + voice to.
* opinar con prepotencia = opinionate.
* opinar dogmáticamente = opinionate.
* opinar que = harbour + the belief that.
* opinar sobre = give + an opinion on.
* opinar unánimamente = speak with + one voice.
* permitir opinar sobre = give + Nombre + a say in.

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