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opposed, be opposing in attitude or opinion; contrary, opposite
conjecture, surmise; play off; put up
go against, oppose; object, demur

contradictory, opposite, opposed


(adj.) = antithetical ; conflicting ; contrary ; differing ; inverse ; opposing ; inimical ; argumentative ; opposite ; counterpoint ; competing ; opposed ; adversarial ; aversive ; contrasting ; averse ; reverse ; resistant ; refractory.
Ex: Production quotas, I believe, are antithetical to careful, thoughtful cataloging.
Ex: As is the way with these things there were two conflicting criticisms levelled at the joint code.
Ex: Perhaps there has been a contrary reaction by British academic librarians to conserve their collections.
Ex: Different devices for the organisation of knowledge place differing emphasis on the relative importance of these two objectives.
Ex: Most relationships should be shown in both their direct and inverse forms.
Ex: When it is clear that material is biased or misrepresents a group, librarians should correct the situation, either by refusing the material or by giving equal representation to opposing points of view.
Ex: Anita Schiller's own grim conclusion was that 'These two opposing and often inimical views, when incorporated within reference service, often reduce overall effectiveness'.
Ex: 'I don't know about that one,' Bogardus said, politely argumentative.
Ex: Cutter instructs that 'of two subjects exactly opposite choose one and refer from the other, e.g. 'Free Trade and Protection', 'Protection' See 'Free Trade and Protection''.
Ex: The point and counterpoint nature of the talks specifically concerned with AACR reflects the official roles the speakers have with respect to that draft.
Ex: This article identifies predominant worldview and competing schools of thought regarding the teaching of reference work.
Ex: Librarianship is faced with the problem of the reconciliation of opposed objectives -- the arrest of deterioration in books versus the idea that books are meant to be used, becoming ultimately worn with use.
Ex: The relationship between the author and editor is based on collaboration, but can also be adversarial at certain points.
Ex: In fact, weeding aversive staff tend to spend a lot more time complaining about having nothing on the shelves.
Ex: The author describes 2 contrasting Florida libraries on the Gulf of Mexico, how they serve and are served by the community.
Ex: The advantage of an acoustic pulse as the averse stimulus is discussed.
Ex: He creates a type of reverse orientalism peopled by sex-hungry 'dark-age femme fatales' and 'lusty young Barbarians reeking of ale'.
Ex: After a number of years in office, however, they became increasingly abrasive, remote, contemptuous of criticism, and resistant to any change that might reduce their authority.
Ex: However, these mushy words do little to reveal the refractory person uttering them.
* como algo opuesto a = as against.
* como opuesto a = as distinct from ; as opposed to.
* continuar opuesto a = remain + unreconciled to.
* diametralmente opuesto a = diametrically opposed to ; diametrically opposite to.
* diametralmente opuestos = worlds apart.
* en direcciones opuestas = in opposite directions.
* en la dirección opuesta = in the opposite direction.
* estar opuestos = be at odds.
* lo opuesto = conversely.
* mirar en direcciones opuestas = face away from + each other ; face away from + one another.
* mirar en dirección opuesta a = face away from.
* mundos opuestos = like oil and water.
* opiniones opuestas = contrasting opinions.
* opuesto a = versus (vs - abreviatura) ; antagonistic to ; at odds with.
* opuesto, el = reverse, the.
* opuesto, lo = converse, the.
* página opuesta = facing page.
* polos opuestos = polar types ; worlds apart ; like oil and water ; like chalk and cheese ; like apples and oranges.
* reacciones opuestas = mixed reactions.
* seguir opuesto a = remain + unreconciled to.
* sexo opuesto = opposite sex.
* tendencia opuesta = countertendency.
* oponer resistencia = put up + resistance ; put up + a fight.
* oponer resistencia a la autoridad = resist + arrest.
* oponerse = oppose ; set against ; buck.
* oponerse a = be averse to ; combat ; contravene ; resist ; be set against ; be contrary to ; be hostile to ; stand up to ; argue against ; go + head-to-head with ; be negatively disposed to ; object to ; stand in + opposition to ; run up against ; line up against.
* oponerse a la autoridad = fight + authority.
* persona que se opone a Algo = opponent.

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