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hem; shore; bank; edge; riverside; shoreline
edge, provide with an edge or border; skirt, go around, bypass, circumvent; border


(n.) = shore ; waterside ; bank.
Ex: The author chronicles the Russian geographical explorations of the northwestern shores of North Americas which were financed and organized by Count Nikolai Rumiantsev from 1803 to 1825 = El autor narra las expediciones geográficas rusas de la costa del noroeste de Norteamérica que fueron financiadas y organizadas por el Conde Nikolai Rumiantsev de 1803 a 1825.
Ex: An opening reception will be held in the Grand Promenade of the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside, overlooking the picturesque Norfolk Harbor.
Ex: This article describes the planning, construction and design of a library on the banks of the Missouri River close to Kansas City.
* a ambas orillas del Atlántico = on both sides of the ocean ; on both sides of the Atlantic.
* a orillas del océano = oceanfront.
* a orillas del río = riverfront.
* a orillas de un lago = lakeside ; lakefront ; by the lakeside.
* ave de orilla = shorebird.
* buscar en las posas entre las rocas de la orilla = rock-pool.
* orilla del agua = water's edge.
* orilla del mar = seashore.
* orilla del río = river bank [riverbank].
* posa entre las rocas de la orilla = rock pool.
(n.) = edge.
Ex: Oleander is a common outdoor woody shrub found in warmer climates, often used for edging freeways or gardens.

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