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bruin, brown bear; bear, large mammal of the family Ursidae
venture; dare


bear it dared

(n.) = bear.
Ex: Examples of homographs are: bear (to carry, or an animal) and score (music, football or to cut).
* espectáculo en el que perros acosan a un oso = bear-baiting.
* Osa Mayor, la = Big Dipper, the.
* Osa Menor, la = Little Dipper, the ; Ursa Minor.
* oso hormiguero = anteater [ant-eater].
* oso negro = black bear.
* oso negro americano = black bear.
* Oso Paddington, el = Paddington Bear.
* oso panda = panda bear.
* oso pardo = grizzly ; grizzly bear ; brown bear.
* oso polar = polar bear.
(v.) = have + the gall to ; have + the nerve(s) to ; have + the cheek to ; have + the nerve to.
Ex: In an interview earlier this week, he had the gall to declare that the resolution would show the United States had no stomach for finishing the war.
Ex: And then, to rub salt in the wound, Adobe had the nerves to sent me an automated email announcing that the issue was fixed.
Ex: When they do this I always drive even more slowly and then they have the cheek to shout at me like I'm the one in the wrong.
Ex: If you don't have the nerve to directly approach a girl who has caught your eye, consider being her secret admirer for a while.
* osar penetrar = venture into.

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