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autumn, fall, season between summer and winter



(n.) = autumn ; fall ; fall season ; autumn season.
Ex: We are thus concerned with a virtually limitless number of concepts - building, book, reading, colour, sea, water, autumn, England, 1066 AD - any concepts you like.
Ex: It was a grand day, one of those dazzling spectacular blue and gold days of early fall.
Ex: This fall season is all about making a bold fashion statement with trendy bright colors.
Ex: To find motivation to work we present you 30 inspiring autumn season wallpapers with variety of colors and interesting compositions.
* en el otoño = in the fall ; in (the) autumn.
* en la primavera los relojes se adelantan y en el otoño se atrasan = spring forward and fall backwards.
* en otoño = in the fall ; in (the) autumn.
* equinoccio de otoño = fall equinox ; autumnal equinox.
* estación de otoño = fall season ; autumn season.
* finales de otoño = late fall ; late autumn.
* lo que en la primavera crece en otoño se cae = spring forward and fall backwards.
* principios del otoño = early fall ; early autumn.
* temporada de otoño = autumn season.
* trimestre del otoño = autumn term ; fall semester.

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