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grant, give, bestow; confer

it grants

(v.) = award ; confer (on/upon) ; invest ; bestow ; dispense ; grant.
Ex: In recognition of his impact on cataloging, in 1974 he was awarded the Margaret Mann Citation and, in 1978, the Melvil Dewey Medal.
Ex: Lastly, he was the 1971 recipient of the Melvil Dewey Medal, which was conferred upon him for creative professional achievement of a high order.
Ex: Such considerations whether invested with the gravitas assumed by LSIC whenever they address such imponderables or when issued by freebooting critics miss the mark.
Ex: God offers penitents redemption but also bestows His 'common grace' on all.
Ex: This paper describes the role of the federal government in dispensing aid to public libraries as part of the combat against the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Ex: In the majority of cases, the indexer is granted considerable freedom of choice as to the citation order he adopts in the construction of compound class numbers.
* otorgar el honor = accord + honour.
* otorgar el título de "sir" = elevate to + knighthood.
* otorgar en profusión = shower.
* otorgar permiso = grant + Alguien + leave.
* otorgarse a = accrue to.
* otorgar un premio = give + an award ; grant + an award ; award + a prize.
* otorgar un título = confer + a degree ; award + Título ; bestow + title.

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