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honeycomb, structure of small hexagonal wax cells formed by bees in which to place their eggs and honey; something shaped like or resembling a honeycomb
diaper, absorbent cloth worn by babies (as underpants)


(n.) = honeycomb ; comb.
Nota: Abreviatura de honeycomb.
Ex: One organizational model would be to establish a honeycomb structure of cooperating regional consortia.
Ex: The article has the title 'The Bee on the comb: a cataloger's puzzle'.
* como moscas en panal = like bees around a honey pot.
* como moscas en panel = like bees around a honey pot.
(n.) = diaper ; nappy.
Nota: Palabra británica cuyo equivalente americano es diaper.
Ex: This study compares the costs of purchasing and laundering diapers either at home or laundromat with the cost of purchasing disposable diapers.
Ex: Three large size charts regarding changing nappies, when to wash hands, and childhood vaccination schedules are also included with the guide.
* en pañales = a babe in arms.
* escocedura causada por el pañal = nappy rash.
* estar todavía en pañales = be wet behind the ears ; be green behind the ears.
* estar todavía en pañales = be a bit green.
* irritación de la piel del bebé causada por el pañal = nappy rash.

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