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patient, tolerant
patient, one who receives therapy or treatment (medical, psychiatric, etc.)

patient, tolerating


(n.) = patient ; sufferer.
Ex: A record is a complete unit of information about a person, item, product, book, patient, chemical, etc.
Ex: In the Netherlands there are currently some 20,000 sufferers from this affliction.
* atención al paciente = patient care.
* biblioteca de pacientes = patient library.
* biblioteca para pacientes = hospital patient library ; patients' library.
* cuidado del paciente = patient care.
* dedicado al paciente = patient-based.
* junto al paciente = at the bedside.
* modales con el paciente = bedside manners.
* paciente de cáncer = cancer patient.
* paciente externo = out-patient ; outpatient [out-patient].
* paciente hospitalizado = in-patient.
* paciente mayor = elderly patient.
* paciente mayor de edad = elderly patient.
* trato del paciente = bedside manners.
* visitar a un paciente = visit + a patient.
(adj.) = tolerant ; patient.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: The new version is more tolerant of typical user errors in the formulation of specific item searches and should be able to retrieve misspelt personal names.
Ex: His goal was to contribute to the 'uplift' of the masses and to make men sober, righteous, conservative, patient, and devout -- in short, to make others more like himself.
* paciente suicida = suicidal patient.
* ser paciente con = bear with + Pronombre ; bear with + Pronombre.

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