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rustic, unsophisticated, unrefined; provincial, characteristic of a rural area
yokel, peasant, bumpkin


(n.) = churl ; rube ; hick ; redneck ; hillbilly ; yokel ; country bumpkin ; bumpkin ; hayseed.
Ex: Then again, who but a churl could fail to grieve at the waste of an artistic life of such immensity and grandeur?.
Ex: Good heavens, if American culture isn't about wearing baggy pants, baseball caps and talking like a rube, what is it all about then?.
Ex: The Wizard, played by Joel Grey, is a smooth-talking dumbbell who admits he is 'a corn-fed hick' and 'one of your dime-a-dozen mediocrities'.
Ex: His talks sparkle with Southern humor and a distinct voice known to mention rednecks, the evil of institutions, and racial reconciliation.
Ex: This unique book stands as a testament to the enduring place of the hillbilly in the American imagination.
Ex: The prizefighter hit the yokel a hundred times while the yokel held up his arms in stunned surprise.
Ex: And she said I wonder how on earth that country bumpkin found his way to town.
Ex: Are you such bumpkins that you can't even recognize a French name?.
Ex: But, I'm not such a hayseed that I don't know a good thing when I see it.
(adj.) = tacky ; tawdry .
Ex: There was nothing tacky about the invitation, other that the request that gifts be in the form of cash, of course.
Ex: This article looks at 'fairness' in the book trade today, and some of the tawdry tricks indulged in by publishers, agents and authors at each other's expense.

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