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chip, French fry
potato, plant grown for its starchy edible tubers (native to South America); pope, head of Roman Catholic church; soft job, easy and profitable task (Caribbean)
swallow, take into the stomach via the throat (as of food or drink)
daddy, dad, papa

potatoes dads


(n.) = tatties.
Ex: Amy, played by Sarah Webb, was always busy on stage, folding clothes, peeling tatties, always finding something to do.
= pope.
Ex: The choice of entry for chiefs of state is the same as that for works by popes or other high ecclesiastical officials.
* Papa, el = Pope, the.
(n.) = spud ; potato [potatoes, -pl.].
Ex: The humble spud can get an antioxidant boost from an electric current or ultrasound waves.
Ex: The notation 633.4 is used to specify particular types of root crop, eg 633.49 Tubers, which is itself extended to specify Potatoes at 633.491.
* no entender ni papa = be all Greek to ; not understand a jot ; not understand a (single) word.
* no entender ni una papa de = can't make head(s) or tail(s) of.
(n.) = daddy ; dad ; papa.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Mommy! Daddy! Read to me!'.
Ex: Tuan is his new father figure after his real dad sadly died after being poorly for a long time.
Ex: I had intended to walk him to his classroom, but before I could follow him through the double doors, he said, 'I can take it from here, Papa'.
* papá estado = nanny state.
* papá follable = DILF [Dad I'd Like to Fuck].
* Papá Noel = Father Christmas.

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