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packet, package; block of information that is transferred via a network and contains the sender's address and error correction information (Computers); dandy, outstanding person; joke, trick; task; paper

packet, parcel



(n.) = pack ; package ; packet ; parcel ; deck ; bundle ; tranche.
Ex: The notched cards, representing relevant documents, will drop off the needle and fall from the bulk of the pack.
Ex: A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets -- and it works!.
Ex: In packet switching the message is split up in order to be sent through the network in short fixed length packets.
Ex: You do not want to try and clear the building, thinking it is a fire when it is just somebody trying to deliver a parcel of books to the back door.
Ex: As the user traverses links, new pages appear on top of the current deck.
Ex: Many of them use a technique called packet-switching in which data are sent from transmitter to receiver in small bundles or packets.
Ex: The first tranche of NATO enlargement -- adding Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic next year -- will help stabilize an historically unstable region.
* a mitad de paquete = mid-pack.
* conmutación en paquetes = packet switching.
* empresa de reparto de paquetes = package delivery company.
* franquear un paquete = frank + parcel.
* insertar aguja en un paquete de fichas = needling the pack.
* meterle un paquete a Alguien = throw + the book at.
* paquete ALEPH = ALEPH software.
* paquete de azúcar = sugar packet.
* paquete de chicles = packet of chewing gum.
* paquete de clasificación = sort package.
* paquete de comunicaciones = communications package.
* paquete de discos = disc pack.
* paquete de edición de texto = editing package.
* paquete de entrada y comprobación de datos = data entry and validation package.
* paquete de información = pack ; information kit.
* paquete de inscripción = registration package.
* paquete de material didáctico = training package.
* paquete de objetos e información sobre un tema concreto = topic kit.
* paquete de programas = package.
* paquete de programas de ordenador = software package.
* paquete de revistas = journal package.
* paquete de seis = six-pack.
* paquete de trabajo = workpackage.
* paquete de vacaciones = package holiday ; vacation package.
* paquete hotelero = hotel package.
* paquete informativo = topic pack ; pack ; information kit.
* paquete integrado de programas = software suite.
* paquete ofimático = software suite ; software suite.
* paquete postal = parcel post.
* paquetes de programas = programme packages.
* paquetes editoriales = publishers' packages.
* paquete turístico = tour package.
* Sistema de Comunicación por Paquetes (PSS) = Packet-Switching System (PSS).
* un paquete de = a suite of.
* un paquete integrado de programas = a suite of + programmes.
* un paquete ofimático integrado = a suite of office automation software.
(n.) = pillion.
Ex: We will organize a special tour for a group if there is a minimum of four riders (i.e. four motorcycles, or a group of six -- three riders and pillions).
* ir de paquete = pillion riding ; ride + pillion .
(n.) = bulge.
Nota: Generalmente referido al hombre y al bulto que marca el órgano sexual masculino en las prendas de vestir ajustadas.
Ex: As his bulge begins to swell once again, her hand strokes the length of it through his pants.
* exhibir el paquete = show off + Posesivo + bulge ; flash + Posesivo + bulge.
* marcar paquete = flash + Posesivo + bulge ; show off + Posesivo + bulge.

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