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parasitic, parasitical, living on or inside another organism; obtaining its livelihood from another creature
pest; parasite; hanger on

parasite parasite

(n.) = mite ; parasite.
Ex: The diseases and infestations caused by mites, lice, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks are discussed.
Ex: However, dormant non-infective parasites can remain in the infected individual for life.
* como parásito = parasitically.
* en forma de parásito = parasitically.
* infección de parásitos = parasitisation [parasitization, -USA].
* parásito del hombre = human parasite.
* parásito del libro = book insect.
* parásito humano = human parasite.
(n.) = hanger-on ; scrounger ; parasite ; freeloader ; free rider ; freebooter ; ligger.
Nota: Persona que se beneficia de un actividad de un individuo o grupo sin contribuir a él.
Ex: Reference librarians must have the capability of kindly and tactfully disentangling themselves from hangers-on who would monopolize their time, to the detriment of others.
Ex: Consequently, claimants became disillusioned and, if they complained, were dismissed scroungers who were never satisfied.
Ex: I have nothing against Aussies but I do have something against parasites who steal off someone else's ideas .
Ex: Cultural differences in attitudes towards punishing freeloaders and do-gooders have massive impacts on levels of cooperative behaviour.
Ex: Free riders are those who use the information provided by others without contributing evaluations of their own.
Ex: I recognise that there are many social issues domestically and that measures should be taken to reduce the number of freebooters in society.
Ex: Of course they couldn't possibly come down on the lazy liggers of society -- they will come down hard on the people that really need financial help.
* parásito de la sociedad = parasite ; social parasite ; leech on society ; parasite of society.
* parásito social = parasite ; social parasite.

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