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stop; halt; detention; relay; standstill; pen; parade; stake; check; rank; save
stationary, motionless; idle; unemployed; lazy
stagnation, lack of movement, stillness; lack of activity or progress; apathetic person



(n.) = stopping place ; stop ; stopover ; layover ; comfort break.
Nota: En general, usado referido a las paradas que se hacen en un viaje largo para ir al baño.
Ex: So much depends on the nature of the van, the choice of stopping places and the person running the service.
Ex: It is certainly no accident that in Finland, a country that circulates an average of 17 books per capita per year through 1500 public libraries and 18,000 mobile-library stops, its public libraries are supported by both national and local monies.
Ex: This article discusses the strategic location of the Islands as a stopover and spring-board for more far-flung explorations along the African coast.
Ex: Whether you're headed to Italy or South Africa, you might have a long layover in London but you don't have to spend it holed up at the airport.
Ex: I generally stop for one or two comfort breaks -- they are not planned, just when I need to pee.
* hacer paradas = make + stops.
* hacer una parada en el camino = stop along + the way.
* lugar de parada = halting place.
* marquesina de parada de autobús = bus shelter.
* parada de autobús = bus stop ; bus stand ; bus bay.
* parada de bola = fielding.
* parada de taxis = taxi rank.
* parada en boxes = pit stop.
* parada en el camino = rest stop ; stop along the way ; comfort break.
* parada en un bar = bar hop.
* parada opcional = flag stop.
(n.) = parade.
Ex: These include: matching characters with nursery rhymes; quizzes; colouring and cutting out; treasure hunts; fancy dress parades; making words of jumbled letters; and a pets' parade.
* parada militar = military parade.
(adj.) = stuck ; stagnating ; unmoving ; motionless ; stationary.
Ex: Learn what to do when there is a power outage and how to respond to alarms that signal stuck elevators or that activate security or sprinkler systems.
Ex: Library budgets have stopped growing in the present climate of a stagnating economy.
Ex: The dynamic path generation problem of robots in environments with other unmoving and moving objects is considered.
Ex: In a control condition, participants recited memorized text to the research assistant who sat motionless.
Ex: In one simple version, known in England as the Scandinavian single platen machine (1841), the press bed and type were stationary throughout.
* no salir mal parado por = be none the worse for wear.
* parados, los = unemployed, the ; jobless, the ; unwaged, the.
* permanecer parado = stand + still.
* quedarse parado = stand + still ; stand by.
* quieto parao = hold + Posesivo + horses.
* tasa de parados = jobless rate.
(v.) = halt ; stop ; check ; break off ; shut down ; pull up ; go + cold turkey ; leave off ; give it + a rest ; let + it drop ; pull over ; stop over ; put on + hold ; draw up.
Nota: Generalmente en un vehículo.
Ex: Consequently, a freeze-frame or still-picture effect can be achieved by simply halting the movement of the head across the disc.
Ex: Program function key 1 (FP1) tells DOBIS/LIBIS to stop whatever it is doing and go back to the function selection screen.
Ex: They concluded that 'our citizens may rationally prefer to check crime and disorder by ounces of educational prevention, than by pounds of cure in the shape of large 'lockups' and expensive suits before the law'.
Ex: During this period the compositors worked non-stop, breaking off only to eat, for the almost incredible period of fifty hours: two days and two nights without rest 'in an atmosphere that would poison a vulture'.
Ex: Cyberattacks involve routers acting at a predesignated time or trigger time and flooding various targeted Web sites with data -- effectively shutting down the Web site.
Ex: Trucks started pulling up every hour, day and night, to the library's loading dock and depositing heaps of unordered and unwanted books.
Ex: Judging by the critical responses to the article so far, it looks like the world isn't quite ready to go cold turkey on its religion addiction.
Ex: This book takes up the thread where Volume One left off.
Ex: Anyway after a few minutes of being told to give it a rest, she let it drop.
Ex: Anyway after a few minutes of being told to give it a rest, she let it drop.
Ex: Since cops were given the go-ahead to pull over people for not wearing seat belts, state troopers have become creative about spotting scofflaws.
Ex: With luck the lapwings will now be able to stop over in Syria without coming to further harm.
Ex: But for the time being, the natural gas boom has been put on hold until we find out what's really going on.
Ex: As I drew up outside the little village chippy, the car clock turned to 1 pm.
* decir rápidamente sin parar = rattle off.
* hablar sin parar = burble on.
* no parar de hablar = go on and on (and on (forever)).
* no parar mucho en un sitio = live out of + a suitcase.
* on the go = on-the-go.
* ¡para el carro! = steady on!.
* parar a Alguien de sopetón = stop + Nombre + (dead) in + Posesivo + tracks ; stop + Nombre + cold.
* parar a Alguien en seco = stop + Nombre + (dead) in + Posesivo + tracks ; stop + Nombre + cold.
* parar a un taxi = hail + a cab.
* parar derrapando = skid to + a halt.
* parar el carro = hold + Posesivo + horses.
* pararle los pies a Alguien = stop + Nombre + (dead) in + Posesivo + tracks ; put + Nombre + in + Posesivo + place ; cut + Nombre + down to size ; knock + Nombre + off + Posesivo + pedestal ; take + the wind out of + Posesivo + sails ; take + some of the starch out of + Posesivo + sails ; knock + Nombre + off + Posesivo + high horse.
* pararse = stall.
* pararse a + Infinitivo = take + the time to + Infinitivo.
* pararse a mitad de = stop in + midstream during.
* pararse a pensar = pause + to think ; step back ; take + a step back ; pause for + thought.
* pararse en el lado del camino = pull over.
* pararse por completo = come to + a standstill ; be at a standstill ; grind to + a standstill.
* sin parar = steadily ; non-stop ; without a break ; without (a) rest ; without respite ; without stopping.
* sin parar a pensárselo = off-hand [offhand].
* sin pararse a pensar = off-the-cuff ; off the top of + Posesivo + head.
* trabajar sin parar = work (a)round + the clock ; work + non-stop ; be (still) working away ; be (still) toiling away ; be (still) hard at it ; work away.

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