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kindred, kinfolk; sib
relative, relation; dad; old man



(n.) = kinfolk [kinsfolk].
Ex: Corruption wormed its way through their ranks, as it did through the ranks of their kinfolk = La corrupción se infiltró entre sus filas, como lo hizo en el caso de sus familiares. (n.) = relative ; kin ; kinsman [kinsmen, -pl.] ; relation.
Ex: Here, families from many different communities were up-rooted and resettled on greenfield sites, many miles away from relatives and friends.
Ex: Marriage is prohibited with all direct kin.
Ex: The article 'Two noble kinsmen: libraries and museums' explains how libraries and museums reflect a common ancestry yet they have evolved separately.
Ex: The next day Margaret and her relations were invited to the Palace for a private brunch.
* pariente cercano = close relation ; close relative ; near relative ; near relation.
* pariente consanguíneo = blood relation ; blood relative.
* pariente femenino = kinswoman [kinswomen, -pl.].
* pariente lejano = distant relative ; distant relation.
* pariente más cercano = next of kin.
* pariente pobre = poor relation.
* parientes = kinfolk [kinsfolk].

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