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parade, show off; take a walk, walk

going for a walk

(v.) = walk ; wander about ; saunter ; wander around ; take + a walk ; wander ; go for + a stroll ; parade ; cruise ; have + a walk ; wander through.
Ex: The user is presented with much walking around shelves if he wishes to gather all documents on a given subject.
Ex: He was a loner himself, a small-town country boy who spent most of his time wandering about the hills and fields near his home.
Ex: She sauntered back to her desk, intending to work, and was a little perturbed to find that she could not work.
Ex: The audience can wander around at will and discuss with contributors and each other.
Ex: Visitors are invited to take a nostalgic walk through the city's past and experience its economic and architectural history.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Wandering the Web: further developments on the global information bazaar'.
Ex: She was moved by a sudden impulse to leave the building and go for a stroll.
Ex: A boy was paraded naked with "I am thief" written on his stomach and back for allegedly stealing a dress from a boutique where he worked.
Ex: The system also has an add-on, which allows users with low vision to cruise the Internet using a low vision interface.
Ex: The very best way to begin exercising is by just having a walk.
Ex: What we are forcing people to do is wander through long title sequences of 'Journal of' or 'Journal on' to find a particular organization's journal.
* pasear mirando por = look (a)round.
* pasear por = ride around ; walk (a)round ; traipse around ; traipse about.
* pasear por todo el mundo = take + Nombre + all over the world ; take + Nombre + across the world.
* pasearse = take + a walk.
* sacar al perro a pasear = walk + the dog.
* salir a pasear en coche = go out for + a drive.

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