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cake; tablet; square; pastil, lozenge; chip, microchip


(n.) = prescription pill ; pill ; tablet ; lozenge.
Nota: En su origen, tenían la forma de rombo.
Ex: The sculpture consists of large plaster replicas of prescription pills (mostly sedatives and anti-depressants) in three sizes that promote different forms of human reception.
Ex: White respondents are more than six times as likely to use pills to vomit as a method of weight management.
Ex: There are many different tablets available to treat diabetes.
Ex: These lozenges are suitable for smokers who have their first cigarette of the day within 30 minutes of waking up.
* a toda pastilla = in the fast lane ; on the fast track ; fast lane ; overdrive ; full steam ahead ; full-tilt ; at full tilt ; full-throttle ; at a rate of knots ; at top speed ; at full blast ; at full speed ; full speed ahead ; full throttled.
* avanzar a toda pastilla = steam ahead ; go + full steam ahead.
* correr a toda pastilla = run like + the clappers.
* ir a toda pastilla = zip ; bucket ; go into + overdrive ; zap along.
* pasar a toda pastilla = zip + past.
* pastilla contra el mareo = travel-sick tablet ; travel-sick pill ; travel sickness tablet ; travel sickness pill ; sea sickness pill ; sea sickness tablet.
* pastilla de éxtasis = ecstasy tablet.
* pastilla de frenos = brake pad.
* pastilla de memoria = flash drive ; USB hard drive ; pen drive ; memory stick ; USB stick ; USB memory stick ; USB flash disk.
* pastilla para adelgazar = diet pill ; slimming pill.
* pastilla para dormir = sleeping pill.
* pastilla para el mareo = travel sickness tablet ; travel-sick pill ; travel-sick tablet ; travel sickness pill ; sea sickness pill ; sea sickness tablet.
* tomarse la pastilla diaria de la malaleche = take + Posesivo + daily mean pill.
* tragarse una pastilla = pop + a pill.
* vida a toda pastilla = life in the fast lane.

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