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pasture, pasturage; fodder, feed; grass, lawn
pasture, graze

pasturage, pasture



(n.) = pasture ; fodder.
Ex: The article 'The information society of the 1990s; blue sky and green pastures?' considers how the transformation into an information intensive society affects the day to day life of an individual.
Ex: The diverse range of perspectives represented provides fodder for lively debates.
* gran extensión de tierra dedicada a la cría de animales de past = rangeland.
* lugar de pasto = feeding ground.
* pasto de limón = lemongrass.
* pastos = grassland.
* pastos mejores = greener pastures ; pastures new.
* tierra de pastos = pasture land.
* zona de pasto = feeding ground ; grazing area.
(v.) = graze (on).
Ex: Whereas, before, the land was dense with stately white pines, now apple, plum, pear, peach, and cherry orchards stood in regimented rows and cattle grazed peacefully.

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