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yard; patio; courtyard; playground; farmyard; pit, ring where animal fights take place

court, yard, courtyard



(n.) = courtyard ; atrium [atria, -pl.] ; yard ; backyard ; patio ; grounds.
Ex: No one ever arrived without some mishap at the two large cages at the far end of that gloomy room (which projected like a pair of wretched pavilions in the courtyard).
Ex: The extension was designed to blend with the original listed building and the two have been linked by a glass atrium giving access to the whole library.
Ex: The whole of the ground floor was one large room, lit by an old-fashioned window looking onto the street and by a large sash-window giving onto an enclosed yard.
Ex: Backyard TV antennas developed as an offshoot of cable technology.
Ex: Many customers are showing more interest in getting a patio for their garden in recent years.
Ex: Staff at a children's play-centre have been advised to carry out daily searches for drugs hidden in foliage in its grounds.
* juego de patio de recreo = playground game.
* ojo de patio = light well.
* patio de butacas = orchestra seats.
* patio de butacas, el = stall, the.
* patio de granja = farmyard.
* patio de la escuela = schoolyard [school yard].
* patio del recreo = schoolyard [school yard].
* patio de recreo = playground.
* patio interior = enclosed courtyard.
* puerta del patio = patio door.

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