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patrimony, legacy, heritage; birthright


(n.) = legacy ; patrimony.
Ex: The provision, in a will and testament, of a document or set of documents to an organization, at times according to certain obligations, the beneficiary having the right to refuse acceptance is known as legacy acquisition.
Ex: Archival records are a reflection of a collective memory or patrimony which it is essential to preserve.
* área de conservación del patrimonio = heritage field.
* impuesto sobre el patrimonio = wealth tax.
* institución dedicada a la conservación del patrimonio = memory institution.
* institución del patrimonio histórico y cultural = cultural heritage institution.
* institución para el estudio y la conservación del patrimonio = heritage organisation.
* patrimonio bibliográfico = documentary heritage ; bibliographic heritage ; published heritage ; documented heritage.
* patrimonio cinematográfico = cinematographic heritage.
* patrimonio cultural = heritage ; cultural heritage ; cultural legacy.
* patrimonio de la humanidad = world heritage.
* patrimonio digital = digital heritage.
* patrimonio documental = documentary heritage ; literary heritage ; published heritage ; documented heritage.
* patrimonio histórico = historical heritage.
* patrimonio intelectual = intellectual heritage.
* patrimonio nacional = national heritage ; cultural heritage ; heritage site.
* patrimonio pictórico = pictorial heritage.

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