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sin, breaking of a religious or moral law; offense, wrongdoing; defect
sin, transgress, trespass



(n.) = sin ; wrongdoing.
Ex: Books were kept for historical records of deeds done by the inhabitants: their worthy acts as well as their sins.
Ex: His doctrine that even venial wrongdoing is worse than any natural calamity implies that we ought to refrain from such wrongdoing even if calamity results.
* Ciudad del Pecado = Sin City.
* cometer un pecado = commit + sin ; sin.
* pecado mortal = deadly sin ; mortal sin.
* pecado no expiado = unatoned sin.
* pecado original, el = original sin, the.
* pecado venial = venial sin.
* siete pecados capitales, los = seven deadly sins, the.
* siete pecados mortales, los = seven deadly sins, the.
* vivir en (el) pecado = live in + sin.
(v.) = sin.
Ex: Some men, by continual sinning, sear even the conscience as with a hot iron, so that it becomes dead and past feeling.
* pecar de = suffer from + a curse ; be guilty of ; err + on the side of.
* pecar de precaución = err + on the side of caution.

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