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stick, glue, paste; hang; fasten, attach; give; have; take; strike; touch; hit, beat; pump

glue, stick


to hit

(v.) = affix ; attach ; glue ; fasten together ; stick ; paste together ; cement ; plaster ; gum.
Ex: Some libraries use small stickers affixed to the spines which have cartoons or ideograms indicating a special genre.
Ex: In fixed location notation was physically attached to certain places on the shelves and books were always filed in the same place.
Ex: The binding type specifies the type of binding (glued, sewn).
Ex: A book is physically a collection of sheets usually paper ones fastened together and protected by a cover which do form a genuine unit.
Ex: Is it a matter of a library in one country sticking a pin in a map and requesting a document from the nearest library to where the pin is inserted?.
Ex: The boards were generally made of wood up to the later fifteenth century; then of sheets of paper pasted together ('pasteboard'); and then, from the early eighteenth century in good-quality binding but later in cheap work, of rope-fibre millboard.
Ex: An in-house bulletin may serve to cement firm relationships with the library's personnel.
Ex: Then it gets progressively worse as walls are washed away and vehicles plastered against houses and trees.
Ex: This reminds me of that party trick where you take a strip of paper and give it a twist before gumming the ends together, a curiosity consisting of one perpetually continuing surface with no inside nor outside.
* arrastrar y pegar = drag and drop.
* copiar y pegar = copy and paste.
* cortar y pegar = cut-and-paste.
* goma de pegar = rubber solution.
* ir pegado a = hug.
* no pegar ni con cola = stick out like + a sore thumb.
* no pegar (un) ojo (en toda la noche) = not sleep a wink (all night long).
* no + Pronombre + pegar = it + be not like + Pronombre + to.
* pegar a Alguien = look + good on + Nombre.
* pegar con cinta adhesiva = tape.
* pegarse = stick together ; bricking ; blocking ; rub off on.
* pegarse a = stick to ; have + a rub-off effect on.
* pegarse a Alguien = string along.
* pegarse a rueda = tag along.
* pegarse como una lapa = cling like + a limpet ; stick like + a limpet.
* pegársele a Uno las sábanas = oversleep ; sleep in ; sleep + late.
* pegar sobre = paste onto.
* pegar una nota en un sitio público = post.
* volver a pegar = reattach.
(v.) = hit ; spank ; smack ; whip ; beat ; belt ; whack ; cop.
Ex: When I saw what he was up to, I drew back for a punch and hit him so hard on the nose that he fell on his back and lay there for some time, so that his wife stood over him and cried out 'Mercy! You've done my husband in!'.
Ex: In addition, both physical & verbal violence appear to be transgenerational: people who were spanked frequently as children are more prone to frequently spank their own children.
Ex: Parents who endorse the use of non-coercive management techniques smack their children as well.
Ex: He got whipped by policemen right here in Montgomery.
Ex: Flexible moulds made of laminated paper called 'flong' were first used in Lyons in 1829 and were blotting and tissue paper pasted together, and the mould was formed by beating damp flong on the face of the type.
Ex: They chased him and one belted him over the head with the bar, forcing him to the ground.
Ex: The assailants, he said, did not know 'if I was straight or gay, I just happened to pass by and got whacked on the head' .
Ex: I am just an average citizen so have to cop this sort of biased, gutter journalism on the chin.
* pegar chillidos = shriek.
* pegar duro = pack + a punch ; pack + a wallop.
* pegar en el larguero = hit + the crossbar.
* pegar en el travesaño = hit + the crossbar.
* pegar fuerte = hit + hard ; pack + a wallop ; pack + a punch.
* pegar gritos = shriek ; shout ; yell.
* pegarse = brawl.
* pegarse la gran vida = live it up ; live + the high life.
* pegarse una hostia = come + a cropper.
* pegar un estirón = shoot up.
* pegar un puñetazo = sock ; thump.
* pegar un repullo = give + a start ; startle.
* pegar un respingo = give + a start ; startle.
* pegar un susto = spook.
(v.) = brawl.
Ex: Once the party was over, some 20000 people carried on celebrating the victory, some of whom began to brawl and hurl objects onto roads.

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