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battle, fight, combat; scrambling; infighting; scene; concourse
scrimmage, skirmish, quarrel


it fights

(n.) = scramble ; fight ; quarrel ; fray ; donnybrook ; run-in ; altercation ; fighting ; bickering ; squabble ; squabbling ; brawl ; rumble ; fistfight ; dust-up ; scrabble ; combat ; tiff ; fisticuffs ; fallout.
Ex: Mergers and acquisitions are playing an increasing important part in corporate strategies, stimulated by the scramble for market position in the new Europe.
Ex: The proud mother, as a result, had been a leader in the fight to establish a program for the 'gifted and talented' in the public school system.
Ex: The following account of a quarrel which took place in about 1540 between Thomas Platter and Balthasar Ruch comes from Platter's autobiography = El siguiente relato de la pelea que tuvo lugar alreadedor de 1540 entre Thomas Platter y Balthasar Ruch procede de la autobiografía del mismo Platter.
Ex: The academic librarian, by remaining neutral, can stay above the fray and does not need to take sides in order to provide scholars with access to the truth.
Ex: Feaver mentioned that she and Claverhouse frequently engage in some real 'donnybrooks,' as she put it, which invariably include a lot of amicable bantering, whenever they discuss anything.
Ex: 'When you've been here a while, you'll see that it's hard to avoid run-ins with her,' Lehmann spoke up.
Ex: Then I came within this disagreeable person's atmosphere, and lo! before I know what's happened I'm involved in an unpleasant altercation.
Ex: The children were involved in manual labour, guard duty, front-line fighting, bomb manufacture, setting sea/land mines & radio & communication.
Ex: Even if the management decided to make an arbitrary decision, it would be better than the endless bickering and ad-hoc measures we are having to put up with.
Ex: One might mistakenly be left with the impression that the crisis is a mere 'banana republic' squabble over power.
Ex: The DVD-RW drive has arrived but not without lots of squabbling among industry competitors.
Ex: About 75% of all personal acts of violence (murder, assault and battery), 90% of vandalism, 75% of public brawls, & more than 50% of burglaries & thefts are alcohol-related.
Ex: It is common practice for gang members to make sure that the police are informed of an impending rumble.
Ex: Gone are the days of the good old fistfight, where instead of grabbing a gun, a knife or a bat to end an argument, you actually used your fist to make your point.
Ex: The annual global dust-up over whale hunting is about to kick off again.
Ex: They got into a scrabble with him after he'd made a racial slur towards blacks in a hotel bar once.
Ex: It is not without significance perhaps that some writers on the reference interview use the term 'encounter', which the Concise Oxford Dictionary defines as 'meet as adversary', 'meeting in combat'.
Ex: She found himself in trouble after a tiff with photo journalists during the shoot of a film.
Ex: He became known as a tough guy who wouldn't back down from any fisticuffs.
Ex: Two men who beat another to death in a fallout over a cannabis crop have been gaoled for life.
* buscar pelea = pick + a fight ; go looking for + trouble.
* pelea a bofetadas = face-slapping.
* pelea a brazo partido = hand-to-hand fight.
* pelea a muerte = fight to death.
* pelea a puñetazos = fistfight ; fisticuffs.
* pelea callejera = street fight.
* pelea cuerpo a cuerpo = hand-to-hand fight.
* pelea de almohadas = pillow fight.
* pelea de boxeo = prize fight ; boxing match.
* pelea de comida = food fight.
* pelea de gallos = cock-fighting.
* pelea de perros = dogfight [dog fight].
* pelea hasta la muerte = fight to death.
* pelea infantil = petty bickering ; petty fighting ; petty fight.
* pelea mano a mano = hand-to-hand fight.
* pelea sin importancia = petty fight.
* provocar una pelea = pick + a fight.
* separar una pelea = break up + fight.
* tener una pelea = have + a row.
(v.) = struggle ; bicker ; squabble.
Ex: Despite the ferment that was going on in the scientific information field during the middle years of the decade of the '50's, the ADI was struggling to survive; membership had shrunk to only 200.
Ex: Chapter 4 presents solutions for when children fight, bicker, compete, namecall, and hit.
Ex: Let's not squabble about the fact that Bush actually eked out a razor-thin victory in the popular vote.
* con ganas de pelear = on the warpath.
* dos no se pelean si uno no quiere = it takes two to tangle ; it takes two to tango ; it takes two to make a quarrel.
* estar peleados = be on bad terms.
* para pelearse hacen falta dos = it takes two to tangle ; it takes two to tango ; it takes two to make a quarrel.
* pelear a brazo partido = fight + tooth and nail ; fight + hand to hand ; go at it + hammer and tongs.
* pelear a muerte = fight to + death ; go at it + hammer and tongs.
* pelear hasta la muerte = fight to + death.
* pelearse = feud ; scuffle ; fall out ; quarrel ; brawl ; row ; have + a row.
* pelearse con = fall out with.
* pelearse (por) = war (over).
* pelearse por Hacer Algo = scramble.

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