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furry, hairy, shaggy
furry, hairy



(adj.) = furry ; shaggy ; hairy ; bushy ; fuzzy ; mop-head.
Ex: Try to imagine yourself as a 2 1/2-year-old, out walking in the park with your mum, when across your path pads a little furry animal.
Ex: Then, she noticed the split ends on his shaggy hair.
Ex: Do men find hairy legs more unattractive or stubbly legs more annoying on a woman?.
Ex: Whether short and thin or long and bushy, applying a fake mustache is often the best solution to create the look of a character.
Ex: He never wanted much in life, other than to receive a few strokes along his fuzzy back, or a seat in someone's warm lap, or a drink out of the bathroom.
Ex: Since we went on vacation I delayed his haircut, so he's a mop-head now and I thought about trimming it up myself but his dad convinced me I shouldn't even try.
* lengua peluda = hairy tongue.

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