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penury, poverty


(n.) = deprivation.
Ex: Findings emphasised the escalating deprivation of applied social scientists in general and the local government and voluntary sectors in particular. (n.) = paucity ; penury ; hardship.
Ex: So we see extraordinary hardships cheerfully borne (indeed, apparently enjoyed) by zealous mountaineers, earnest single-handed yachtsmen floating round the world, and all-weather fishing-hobbyists sit patiently at the side of, and sometimes in, rivers, undeterred by the paucity of their catches.
Ex: The practice found in some libraries of using the index to the scheme as an index to the catalogue is a makeshift expedient, by penury out of ignorance, and must be condemned.
Ex: Ordinarily, one should avoid simultaneous 'exchanges' of personnel between units for training purposes because it is a hardship for any library section to try to train a new person while one of their 'regulars' is gone at the same time.
* pasar penurias = suffer from + deprivation.
* penurias = deprivation.
* penurias económicas = economic deprivation.
* vivir en la penuria = live in + penury.

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