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(v.) = fart ; trumpet.
Ex: The longer a fart is held in, the larger the proportion of inert nitrogen it contains, because the other gases tend to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine.
Ex: I detected at the end of the trumpet that Miley unknowingly added a portion of a wet fart to her final round of trumpeting.
* agarrarse un pedo = get + drunk ; tie one on ; get + pissed ; get + plastered ; get + sloshed ; get + smashed ; get + bevvied.
* cara pedo = fart-face.
* pedo churretoso = wet fart.
* pedo húmedo = wet fart.
* pedo líquido = wet fart.
* tirarse un pedo = fart ; trump ; break + wind ; trumpet.
(v.) = fart ; trump ; break + wind ; trumpet.
Ex: As a result of the strange meal we all had everybody farted profusely all night long.
Ex: It's kind of like trumping in public -- You simply do not do it!.
Ex: Why do men break wind when they pee?.
Ex: Breaking wind often is typically the result of your diet and lifestyle -- it won't kill you, though your other half might if you keep trumpeting in bed.

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