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petty, small, little; lower; skimpy; dwarfish; short
small; child; dwarf

diminutive, little, small

small small

small, little

(adj.) = small ; slight ; slim ; little ; small scale [small-scale] ; skimpy ; reduced ; tiddly .
Ex: The small extract from the index to BNB in figure 2.1 demonstrates some of the features of index entries generated according to PRECIS indexing.
Ex: The ISBD(CP)'s recommendations are very similar in principle to those for AACR2's 'in' analytics, except for slight changes in punctuation and order.
Ex: Abstracting journals vary enormously in scope ranging from vast publications covering an entire discipline, to slim volumes centred on a relatively narrow topic.
Ex: To introduce a little vulgarity, it would be absolutely hell on browsers were all the works by Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers or Dashiell Hammett or you name it, entered individually by their title.
Ex: While similar systems have been developed on an experimental basis in the past, these have usually been restricted to small scale collections.
Ex: Wimbledon organisers have imposed a ban on skimpy tennis outfits ahead of this year's tournament.
Ex: The model shows that market concentration rises with inelastic demand, reduced marginal costs and efficient technology.
Ex: In particular, my sea bass was overdone and supplied with a rather tiddly portion of baby spuds.
* a pequeña escala = in a small way ; small scale [small-scale].
* baño pequeño = half-bath.
* botella pequeña = small bottle.
* chicos y pequeños = great and small.
* con pequeños matices = nuanced.
* dinero para pequeños gastos = out-of-pocket allowance.
* escuela de pequeños = infant school.
* finca pequeña = croft.
* grande o pequeño = great or small.
* grandes robles nacen de pequeñas bellotas = great oaks from little acorns grow.
* grandes y pequeños = great and small.
* granja pequeña = croft.
* hacer (más) pequeño = make + small(er).
* hacer parecer pequeño = dwarf.
* hacer pequeños ajustes = tinker + around the edges ; tinker (about/around) with.
* hacerse (más) pequeño = get + small(er).
* hermana pequeña = baby sister.
* hermanita pequeña = baby sister.
* hermanito pequeño = baby brother.
* hermano pequeño = baby brother.
* hijo pequeño = baby son.
* impresor de pequeños trabajos = jobbing house.
* IPE (Integración a Pequeña Escala) = SSI (Small Scale Integration).
* la clave está en la letra pequeña = the devil (is/lives) in the details.
* la distancia es como el viento que apaga los fuegos pequeños pero aviva los = absence makes the heart grow fonder ; distance makes the heart grow fonder.
* la pequeña pantalla = the small screen.
* las triquiñuelas de la letra pequeña = the devil (is/lives) in the details.
* llorar como un niño pequeño = cry like + a baby.
* lo bueno viene en frascos pequeños = small is beautiful.
* lonja fina y pequeña = sliver.
* los detalles de la letra pequeña = the devil (is/lives) in the details.
* los pormenores de la letra pequeña = the devil (is/lives) in the details.
* más bien pequeño = smallish.
* mosquito pequeño = midge.
* niño pequeño = toddler ; little child ; young child.
* pequeña = petite.
* pequeña empresa = small business.
* pequeña joya = bijou.
* pequeña nobleza, la = gentry, the.
* pequeñas modificaciones = tinkering.
* pequeño agricultor = smallholder ; dirt farmer ; small-scale farmer.
* pequeño comercio = retailer ; retail shop ; retail seller.
* pequeño empresario = small business owner.
* pequeño granjero = dirt farmer ; smallholder.
* pequeño negocio = small business.
* pequeño propietario de tierras = yeoman farmer.
* pequeños ajustes = tinkering.
* pequeños detalles = minutiae ; petty details.
* pez pequeño = bait fish ; minnow.
* pez plateado pequeño = shiner.
* presupuesto cada vez más pequeño = shrinking budget.
* presupuesto muy pequeño = shoestring budget.
* problema pequeño = a cloud no bigger than a man's hand.
* PYME (Pequeña y Mediana Empresa) = SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise).
* quedarse pequeño = overflow.
* restaurante pequeño = bistro.
* rodaja fina y pequeña = sliver.
* terreno cultivable pequeño = croft.
* una pequeña minoría de = a marginal fringe of.
* un pequeño puntito = just a little dot.
* volverse cada vez más pequeño = get + smaller and smaller.

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