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profile, outline; skyline; hairstroke




(n.) = profile ; profile ; contour ; pattern.
Ex: The user then receives, on a regular basis, notifications of new documents or information which fall within the topic specified in his profile.
Ex: A profile is a scale representation of the intersection of a vertical surface with the surface of the ground.
Ex: As a result, requesters have turned to the courts to define the contours of public access in the computer age.
Ex: In the same way that citation orders may have more or less theoretical foundations, equally reference generation may follow a predetermined pattern.
* creación de perfiles de usuario = user profiling.
* crear un perfil = compile + profile ; formulate + profile.
* de perfil = in profile.
* impreso de perfil de búsqueda = profile search form.
* perfil de búsqueda = search profile.
* perfil de grupo = group profile.
* perfil de interés = subject interest.
* perfil de interés del usuario = subject profile ; user interest profile.
* perfil de la biblioteca = library profile.
* perfil de un + Nombre = Nombre + in profile.
* perfil documental = document profile.
* perfil DSI = SDI profile.
* perfil genético = genetic pattern.
* perfil profesional = career profile.

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