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journalist, reporter, one who writes for a newspaper or magazine; freelance

journalist, female journalist

journalist periodísta

(n.) = journalist ; newspaperman [newspapermen, -pl.] ; reporter ; newspaper reporter ; newspaper correspondent ; newsman.
Ex: From time to time librarians do catch a fleeting glimpse of how others see them when some journalist or academic does articulate this widespread phobia.
Ex: The public library's sole reason for being is to help people get along in the world, to help school children get better grades, to help preachers write better sermons that will keep the congregation awake, to help newspapermen find facts.
Ex: If the report is to a considerable extent in the words of the reporter then entry will be made under the heading for the reporter.
Ex: A newspaper reporter has been threatened after writing about drug trafficking.
Ex: Sir George Hubert Wilkins was leader of the expedition in which a submarine travelled under Arctic pack ice for the 1st time, as well as a scientist, photographer, and newspaper correspondent.
Ex: He, however, declined the request by newsmen to explain the specific nature of the 'domestic issues' that came up at the meeting.
* experiodista = ex-journalist.
* mujer periodista = newswoman.
* periodista deportivo = sports journalist.
* periodista de televisión = television reporter ; TV reporter.
* periodista reportero de imágenes = video journalist.

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