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damage, cause harm, cause injury; prejudice

to harm

(v.) = damage ; disserve ; do + a disservice ; do in ; harm ; impair ; cause + erosion ; injure ; prejudice ; work against ; disadvantage ; bring + harm ; wrong ; take + a toll on ; hobble ; screw + Nombre + up ; do + Nombre + wrong.
Ex: Single holds are useful, for example, when a particular copy of a document is damaged or needs rebinding.
Ex: We will not disserve readers by instructing them through our subject headings in nonbiased terminology; we will, in fact, be keeping all of our readers in focus.
Ex: I think that Mr. Scilken's point was that there's so much material on the traditional three-by-five card that it's less useful, that it's distracting, in fact, and does a disservice to the public library.
Ex: I think he outlined the feasible way to go about meeting our needs without doing in anybody else in the process.
Ex: Principles developed over a century and a quarter of thought and experience were poorly defended by professional catalogers, and even less so by administrators harmed by increasing personnel budgets.
Ex: It is difficult to neglect either entirely, without impairing the effectiveness in fulfilling the other objective.
Ex: The replacement of the book catalog by the card catalog has caused a grave erosion of the ideal catalog sought by Panizzi and Cutter.
Ex: Dialog is being injured and will continue to be injured if the American Chemical Society continues to assert falsely that Dialog is underpaying royalties.
Ex: The very requirements for success in one area may prejudice success in another.
Ex: Which means we must create a reading environment that helps and encourages reading rather than works against it.
Ex: When students were tested at the end of the course, those students taught using flexible learning techniques did not seem to have been either advantaged or disadvantaged by their use when compared with the students taught using conventional techniques.
Ex: It is political incorrectness, not political correctness, that has brought harm to this nation.
Ex: The case raises the age-old issue of how best to resolve disputes between the press and a subject that feels wronged.
Ex: Agoraphobia can take a toll on sufferers' families as well as the sufferers themselves, as some agoraphobics may become housebound or cling to certain people for safety.
Ex: With Florida's no-fault auto insurance law set to expire in October, there are fears that that medical services could be hobbled.
Ex: Her past relationship screwed her up mentally, physically and emotionally.
Ex: So it was surprising to hear that many people harboured ill-will towards companies they felt had done them wrong.
* perjudicar a = to + Posesivo + detriment.
* perjudicar las posibilidades de = prejudice + chances of.
* perjudicar los intereses = prejudice + interests.
* perjudicarse a Uno mismo = shoot + Reflexivo + in the foot ; be + Posesivo + own worst enemy.
* que no perjudica el medio ambiente = environmentally sound ; environmentally friendly ; eco-friendly.

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