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only, but



= but.
Ex: Learning takes place in one environment but is put to work in another, and the learner is left to make the transition.
* de derecho pero no de hecho = in name only.
* el último pero no el menos importante = the last but by no means least.
* lo que es peor aun = worse still.
* me parece todo esto bien pero = be (all) good and well but.
* no haber pero que valer = not take + no for an answer.
* pero a la vez = but then again.
* pero al mismo tiempo = but then again.
* pero lo peor de todo = but worst of all.
* pero no hubo manera = but no dice.
* pero no hubo modo = but no dice.
* pero no hubo suerte = but no dice.
* pero por otra parte = but then again.
* pero por otro lado = but then again.
* pero sin conseguirlo = but no dice.
* pero sin suerte = but no dice.
* por último pero no menos importante = last but not least.
* todo esto está muy bien pero = be (all) good and well but.
(n.) = quibble ; cavil.
Ex: In the article 'Caveats, qualms, and quibbles: a revisionist view of library automation', a public librarian expresses his concern about computers in libraries and the lack of healthy scepticism in libraries when considering the likely benefits of automation.
Ex: But, however frivolous his cavils, the principles for which he contends are of the most pernicious nature and tendency.
* poner peros = baulk [balk, -USA] ; cavil (about/at) ; quibble (about/over/with) ; raise + an objection ; find + fault with.

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